TIPTONIUM 02 - About

Tiptonium is a new American blog created in 2019 with the goal of allowing betting enthusiasts to get to know more about the world of gambling, casinos, sports bets and online betting in Japan.

As of June 2018, a revolutionary bill in Japan was passed which allows to build casinos in the country if opened within the business of a tourism and entertainment complex, called integrated resort.

This new law opened the doors of Japan for international agents in the casino market to establish and run activities in the country. Several Las Vegas holdings are interested and already in talks. Now that Americans will have a chance to discover first-hand the landscape of Japanese betting, we at Tiptonium decided to give you, the betting pro and aficionado, some insights beforehand.

This is an overview of the content we will be covering in the upcoming months:

The new casino laws in Japan

What do they actually enable? Who will run the casinos? How much will it be worth to the Japanese economy?

The pari-mutuel betting system

This is the only legal betting method in Japan. What is it specifically and how does it work?

The Japanese public sports

In Japan, there are four public sports on which citizens are allowed to bet. All of them belong to the world of racing. You will see that is the most suitable type of sport for pari-mutuel betting. We will go over the horse, powerboat, motorbike and bicycle races. How do they work and how to bet?

Betting on Japanese soccer

Discover the Toto and all of its versions, the Japanese legal method to bet on soccer leagues.

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