How to Bet on Soccer in Japan

In Japan, there are quite a few options to legally bet on soccer. Soccer betting has been legal since 1998 with the goal of raising money to promote sports and increase the competitiveness of Japanese teams and athletes across sports on a global scale. However, this type of betting is only legal if made through […]

The 4 Public Sports to Bet Legally in Japan

In Japan, it is illegal for betting websites to operate from the country. While online betting in Japan has been less and less regulated over the last few years, it’s still not technically legal for nationals to do it, especially if it’s discovered they did so through a Japan-based bookmaker. However, Japan has betting markets […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Pari-Mutuel Betting

Pari-mutuel betting is the main form of legal offline betting in Japan and is the system used to bet on the country’s public sports. What it is In pari-mutuel, also known as pool betting, wagers are placed against other bettors who have bet on the same event. All bets go into a pool, which is […]

4 Things to Know About the New Casino Laws in Japan

On July 20th 2018, the Japanese Parliament passed a bill legalizing gambling resorts. The bill had been held up for almost two decades due to apprehensions over gambling addiction. The fact is that the new laws unlock an extremely lucrative market. The facilities will be called “integrated resorts”, probably as an attempt to mask the […]